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The Smart Way to SearchOrderEnjoy your Native Food.

Love For Food

Every specialty food has distinctive taste and holds memories in our heart. All of us have at least one or two delicacies from our native which is personal favorite. As we grow and move out from native to different places, we always crave for our local favorite delicacies. During vacation visit, we plan to buy and stock bag full of our favorite nostalgic food.

India is so diverse and rich in culture, every state is unique in terms of food, language and culture. Each city is known for few celebrity food. Travellers passing by city can’t stop themselves buying those famous food products. Visitors make sure to take back box of those star delicacies of city.

Who We Are

We at FomoKart believe, every one of us deserve our nostalgic food accessible anytime, no matter how far you stay away from your native place. Every food lover should have access to rich and legendary food of India without travelling. There is an anonymous quote, “I won’t be impressed with technology until I can download my favorite food”.

We enable our customer to download (buy) their favorite authentic food from origin to their doorstep. Fomokart promises you the matchless taste and quality of your native stores at the convenience of your computer screen. We as company believe sweets, savories is so much more than just a staple, its emotional connection to our past and memories.

Fomokart could be your answer to a party, festival or a sudden craving, whatever it is we bring you the finest; ensuring memories revived and experiences anew. We are your native sweet and savory store, evolved. We aim at becoming a brand synonymous to trust and loyalty.