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  1. Assorted Dry fruit Chiiki

    Roasted almonds and kaju mixed in sugar, glucose and jaggery, assorted kaju badam chikki is a delicacy from Lonavala. Rich in nutrients and anti-oxidants, chikki is a perfect return gifts for kid’s birthday parties.
  2. Crushed Groundnut Chikki-Pack of 2

    This delicious delicacy from Lonavala, Maharashtra is prepared with crushed peanuts dipped in thick syrup of jaggery and glucose. Crushed groundnut Chikki is a tasty and healthy sweet.
  3. Plain Assorted Chikki-Pack of 2

    Enjoy an assortment of peanuts, coconut and sesame seeds mixed in syrup of jaggery! Chikki is not only tasty but also nutritious and has a lot of anti-oxidants. This set of assorted Chikki is a perfect gift for special occasions.
  4. Whole Groundnut Chikki-Pack of 2

    Lonavala’s Maganlal Whole Groundnut Chikki is popular in Maharashtra and all across India. Slightly roasted groundnuts mixed with jaggery, glucose and sugar syrup, cut into bite-sized pieces, Chikki is a treat to your taste buds!
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10 Item(s)